Litigation, Arbitration and ADRs

In the case of a dispute our approach involves a joint analysis with other legal areas in order to find the best strategy to settle it. Strategies include direct negotiation with the other party involved in the controversy, as well as the conciliation mechanism and arbitration or recourse to judicial tribunals. Our objective is to reach the best possible decision for our clients, without affecting the normal development of their commercial operations and business projects.


  • Advice on the prevention, negotiation, conciliation and settlement of disputes
  • Advice on judicial and non-judicial conciliation
  • Representation in compensation and general disputes
  • Representation in corporate, commercial, administrative, labor and constitutional disputes
  • Drafting and filing of suits and appeals
  • Representation in international disputes, exequatur cases and foreign jurisdictions


Our practice also includes full advice for commercial and investment arbitration cases before UNCITRAL, ICSID as well as other local and international courts.