Labor, Immigration and Social Security

Our labor, immigration and social security advice allows our clients to have a more flexible and efficient human resources hiring system. Our advice also enables respective local regulations to be met, thus avoiding likely sanctions and fines as a consequence of control and supervision actions from the authorities in these matters.

In the case of the immigation field, our services cover most issues related: temporary and resident visa applications, stay extensions, passport issuance, alien card issuance, migratory movement certificates, foreign worker contracts and all types of work permits, among others


  • Staff hiring
  • Drafting of company internal regulation and policies
  • Advice on control and supervising proceedings
  • Retirement and dismissal
  • Labor proceedings
  • Labor dispute settlement and arbitration
  • Labor taxation
  • Health, safety and environment (HSE) issues
  • Hiring and subcontracting of foreign workers
  • Advice on the status of appointed worker and other immigration status
  • Work permits and resident permit
  • Revalidations and recognitions

Our advice takes into consideration the permanent changes in the local labor and immigration legislation, so that your company may adopt the more beneficial contracting system.