Public Procurement and Concessions

Our practice in the procurement and concessions fields provides the investor with the advice they need in order to file their bid, complying with all the regulations, and successfully execute their contracts and future relations with the public authorities.

Our services include concessions in diverse sectors such as rail, road, port and airport infrastructure, sanitation, transport, energy and telecommunications and many more.


  • Advice on general procurement proceedings
  • Advice on public tenders and bids
  • Advice on cases of reverse auctions, corporate purchases and framework contracts
  • Renegotiation of contracts and amendments to contracts
  • Representation in appellate proceedings
  • General assistance to contractors, entities and organizations participating in selection processes.

Our services include all the advice needed to register your company before the National Supplier Registry Office (RNP) and the Supervising Agency of the Government Procurement (OSCE).