Real Estate, Civil and Contracts

The real estate area focuses on the legal needs of companies and investors in relation to the development of housing, office, commercial and hotel projects, whether privately or publicly financed. Our advice covers the project from its planning, structuring and negotiation to its execution, monitoring and conclusion. In doing so, we take a comprehensive approach that includes the administrative, fiscal, financial and environmental legal scopes of the project.

Beside this, we also advise individuals in topics such as contracts and private real estate transactions, as well as in other matters of civil law, such as powers of attorney, associations, NGOs, wills, inheritance and family law issues.


  • Advice on the development and execution of real estate and public work projects.
  • Land physical and legal curing.
  • Due diligence and advice on the land and property expropriation process.
  • Advice on mortgages, liens, leases, real estate and personal guarantees, and property law issues.
  • Advice on associations, charities, foundations, NGOs and other non-profit organizations.
  • Advice on divorce, adoption, child custody and other family law related issues.
  • Drafting and planning of wills and inheritance law in general.
  • Advice on contract liability and tort.
  • Advice on conflict of laws and international private law.

Our advice also includes any type of case or legal conflict with one or more foreign elements.